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Optimal Claim reviews the BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH vehicle camera

Optimal Claim reviews the BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH vehicle camera

The BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH vehicle camera is the second device of its type which we have tested so far. Followers of our blog will know that we believe vehicle cameras can improve road safety not only for users, but also others.

What is more, vehicle cameras can help us (or the others after sharing our recording) in resolving  blame for an accident, something which in case of any doubt can result in a Claimant otherwise losing their compensation claim. No one would like that to happen, would they?

When reviewing this recorder we paid attention to the quality of the recordings (day/night), including different weather conditions and the amount of light as well as ease of use of the various functions and the ease of installation.

The producer sent us a module of the emergency recording PowerMagic PRO, which enables protection of the records against loss, stabilizes the voltage and makes it possible to use it in both passenger cars and trucks.

Contents of the package

There are two cameras (front and rear) as well as quite a long cable joining them together, a supply cable and a series of stickers to attach the cameras to the windows. The user’s manuals describe both the recorder, the possibility to preview the image through Wi-Fi on mobile devices as well as the supporting device PowerMagic PRO.

The content is more than satisfactory taking into account the price of the BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH at around £300.00. The optional extra PowerMagic PRO currently costs about £40.00.


Physical appearance

As can be seen from the photographs, the main camera of the recorder possesses a charging socket on the left side, a video slot on the rear camera as well as hidden behind the cap a microSD cards socket as well as a button for Wi-Fi connection. On the other side there is a Wi-Fi signaling diode and the touch button to turn on / off sound recording.

Regarding sound recording, this is useful for some people, others might consider it a violation of privacy because the microphones can hear almost everything, beginning from the car radio, using the direction indicator (useful in case of an accident) and your conversations as well.

Both the cameras are attached to swiveling brackets which gives the possibility to precisely adjust their position and what will be recorded.


The user should familiarize themselves with the users’ manual as this will increase the speed of installation and make it easier to install both the two cameras and the assisting device PowerMagic PRO.  

People who are well acquainted with current technology or motorization will however be able to cope without the manual.

We attached both the cameras to the window with help of the two-sided stickers which in case of the front (main) camera are worth placing behind the mirror so that the camera does not limit the view and does not disturb the driver unnecessarily. As to the rear camera we placed it in the upper-middle part of the window so that it showed complete vision behind us.

After doing this we plugged in the cable joining both cameras and then we put the handles on the ceiling to tidy the quite long wire.

When we are finished with installation, we took the end with the 12V socket (24V in case of trucks) and plugged it in to the PowerMagic PRO, and this one to the fuse socket in our car.

We have to mention that those of you who will not be using the supporting device can plug in the set directly to the 12V socket and this will end the process of installation.

Concerning the software and to be able to fully use the full advantage of the recorder we had to download the BlackVue (Android / iOS) application. We hope that in future the producer will make the application for the Windows Phone platform available also.

With the help of this application we have access to a preview of the recording as well as use the offered functions.

A quality of recording

A very crucial thing concerning the vehicles cameras is without a doubt the quality of the recorded material. It is an important feature of these devices because in case of an accident it is the key evidence in proving blame.

So if you do not want to take a risk with picture quality we would advise you not to buy cheap devices (there is an abundance of them on the market), but buy it once but for good.

When testing we used the BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH device, a two-channels vehicle camera, in typical English weather as well as also when the sun appeared on the horizon, also of course in night conditions.

We should underline that as in with most of all the types of such devices, here we noticed a slight difference of better quality of day recordings that the night ones.

It should be also mentioned that when the main camera (front) records the image with the resolution of 1080p, the rear one offers the 720p. In both cases the image is so clear that a difference between the front and rear is not noticeable.

The quality of the recording in both cases is very good, slightly weaker in worse light and at night, but generally we did not have problems with identifying road markings, vertical signs or vehicle registration plates as well as traffic lights. All the mentioned factors are crucial in case of an accident and the possibility to identify something or someone from the recording is really crucial.

Investing in this vehicle camera we can monitor our car when stationary (with the use of the supporting device PowerMagic PRO or without it), a very useful function when leaving a car during shopping. Often it is here where your car is damaged or scratched. BlackVue can provide the evidence for the police and may help identify the person who committed this offence.


The software which is offered by the BlackVue producer consists both of the desktop version (a photo below) and the mentioned mobile version.

BlackVue HD is associated with the first case and in our case it covered a version for  Windows.  With the help of it we were able to not only view the recordings, but also receive information about the route, the speed of the car or its tilting (especially important in case of an accident, where the chart shows the sudden increase). Also, a map with the route was very helpful, where we could observe our tour and easily identify the surrounding features.

Looking at the interface of this software we cannot overlook two things. Firstly, the amount of information gained by the recorder and secondly the engagement of the producer in their implementation in a clear way.

We mention it because we can not only easily find a recording by a date, a genre of the recording (recorded during a ride, in a parking mode or during an accident) or jump into a specific hour with the use of the bottom schedule but also make sure of the place of the accident or other incident.

Using the above mentioned software we noticed that the recordings were marked with the exact date and hour, speed of driving as well. It was also possible to obtain the vision-in-vision, which is very helpful in case of any collision.

Using the Android application (tested by us) we were able to have a preview of the two cameras (after connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi), a preview of the recorded files as well as to the possible software update.
With the above mentioned preview we were able to see what is going on with our car without the need to leave home or office (if it is parked within a quite a short distance from them).



We gained a very positive impression of the BlackVUE DR650GW-2CH vehicle camera.

Beginning from the very intuitive installation, through the high quality of both the cameras and the accessories and the quality of the recordings and the software, it must be said that it is a very good product and highly recommended.

It is not free from some of the disadvantages though, but our experience is that although the more expensive competitors have such features, such disadvantages in the case of BlackVue are very minor. There is a real feeling of quality with a variety of useful functions.

If you value the non-stress process of driving your car or truck safely as well as securing your vehicle when unattended, then buying this recorder should provide you with some comfort.


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